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Sorensen Center Fellows

Timothy Smith

February 07, 2024 05:17 PM

Timothy B. Smith teaches counseling psychology at BYU. He works to promote mental health and cultural belonging.  He studies family and social connections. He loves working with BYU students, and he seeks to promote the aims of BYU and the Sorensen Center. Continue

Anton Bowden

February 07, 2024 05:22 PM

Anton E. Bowden loves BYU and especially his interactions with students who share his fascination with the engineering design of the human body! His background and research interests are in spinal biomechanics, medical device design, computational biomechanics, and engineering Continue

Sam Hardy

February 07, 2024 05:24 PM

Sam Hardy has been a psychology professor at BYU since 2007. He has a PhD in developmental psychology, with an emphasis on adolescent and young adult development. His research focuses on religious development, moral development, and identity formation, as well Continue

Isaac Smith

February 07, 2024 05:25 PM

Isaac Smith is an associate professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources at BYU’s Marriott School of Business. His research explores morality, ethics, and character development—particularly in a workplace setting. The driving motivation behind his research Continue

Katie Paxman Fellow

February 07, 2024 05:26 PM

Katie Paxman is an associate professor in the BYU Philosophy Department. Her research focuses on moral psychology, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of emotion, with particular focus on David Hume's theory of human nature. She is a founding member of the LDS Continue

Ben Ogles

February 07, 2024 05:28 PM

Ben Ogles is a professor in the Department of Psychology who served in multiple academic leadership roles at two institutions over the past 22 years. Most recently he was the dean of the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences from 2011-2021. His scholarship focuses Continue

Julianne Grose

February 07, 2024 05:31 PM
Leadership Model Executive Team

Julianne Grose is currently a Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Biology at Brigham Young University. She teaches undergraduate courses and mentors students in a research lab. Her teaching is dedicated to bringing novel research experiences Continue

John Bingham

February 07, 2024 05:33 PM
Leadership Model Executive Team Member

John Bingham is Donald L. Staheli Professor and Associate Dean in the Marriott School of Business at BYU. John served as director of the MBA and Executive MBA programs at BYU from 2013 – 2016. He served as chair of the Management Department from 2017 - 2019. Continue