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Event Proposal

Have An Idea? We'd Love to Hear it!

Here at the Sorensen Center for Moral & Ethical Leadership, we feel that events and hands-on leadership experiences are very important to develop skills of the students at BYU. If you are interested in proposing an event idea or collaborating with our center on an event, please fill out the survey below.

We will use the information from this completed survey to understand the vision you have for your event and see if we can help make it happen.

Here are some frequently asked questions for how to submit an event proposal
  • Thank you so much for your willingness to complete this proposal form. This information helps us at the Sorensen Center to understand the vision you have and determine if it aligns with our mission, vision, and availability. It is our hope that this upfront planning will establish and improve our communications with you and reduce problems that may arise in the future over questions of logistics and miscommunication.

  • After you submit this proposal, a Sorensen Center committee will review the proposal and determine proof of concept. This committee is made up of select full-time employees including our Managing Director, Leadership Programming Coordinator, Communications Manager, and other pertinent full-time and student employees. They will determine if the Center has the resources, availability, and capacity to carry out your event. We also ensure that the event you want to execute is in alignment with our mission, vision, purpose, and Christ-centered Leader Model. This process generally takes 2-3 weeks.

    After proof of concept is determined, we will invite you to attend a roundtable meeting led by a selected full-time employee that will also include the student leads of the various teams that make an event happen. We will ask you specific questions and gather as much information as possible to start preparing for the event. Together, we will work to understand each other and make a final determination as to whether or not we are able to support your event at this time.

  • We understand that plans change when making an event happen. The most important part of shifting details is communication. Significant changes to event plans may require us to reschedule an event or opt not to do it. The sooner we know, the more likely we will be able to adapt.

  • There are three primary reasons why an event proposal may be declined:

    1. We do not have sufficient time to plan and execute your event.

    2. We are currently working to complete other events and do not have the bandwidth to run your event in your proposed timetable.

    3. We do not feel the event ties appropriately to the Sorensen Center’s mission, vision, and/or Christ-centered Leader Model.

  • As a moral and ethical leadership center, we were established to fulfill a particular purpose at BYU and beyond. Our mission, vision, and Christ-Centered Leader Model help guide and direct our actions to ensure that we are fulfilling that purpose. Each event, program and initiative that the Sorensen Center is involved in should embody the values of this center and consistently tie back to our mission and vision.

  • Our preference for proposal submissions is 3 months or more advance notice. This helps us to ensure that an event is properly planned and prepared. You are welcome to submit an event proposal that will have the event take place sooner than 3 months, but please understand that this makes it less likely for us to accept your proposal.

  • Yes; you are welcome to submit an event proposal as many times as you would like.

  • That is okay! We have an incredible Programming Team that are specially trained to plan and execute events. We would love to be a part of your event planning process. Collaboration events, especially with students, is something we would love to make happen.

  • We are here to help and serve you, BYU, and the world. We are happy to help you complete this form, provide consultation, and support you as we work together to inspire and equip individuals to lead people as Jesus Christ does.