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Post-devotional Discussion


Post-Devotional Discussion Info

Day: Every Tuesday

Time: 12:00 - 12:30 PM

Location: Hinckley Center Executive Conference Room

What is Post-Devotional Discussion?

Every week, the MELS hosts a half-hour post-devotional discussion where MELS members and friends can come together to share lessons and insights they gained from the devotional. Attendees learn from the Spirit and from each other. Snacks are always included.

Student Reviews

Hear what real students have to say about Post-Devotional Discussion
"Words to describe my experience: Warm, uplifting, down-to-earth, powerful, inspiring, and motivational."
~ Barbara Hargis
"I like the post-devo because it allows me time to break down devotional and hear other people’s perspectives"
~ Alex Rasmussen
"I like post-devo discussions because sometimes others take different things out of the devotionals that I might have missed. Also, free snacks! "
~ Lahela Giles